Builder Gel is a strong, durable semi-liquid used over tips or to strengthen, sculpt and extend the natural nail. Our builder gel is simple to apply and easy to manipulate, allowing you to construct your desired nail shape and thickness. This product is perfect for those who love the strength of acrylic with the polished and clear look of gel. Easy to buff off without submerging your hands in acetone.

Applying a base coat serves many benefits, but its main purpose is to act as a primer and create better bondage between the nail and any product you choose to apply. In addition to this, base coats also help to create a barrier that protects the nail from any chemicals that may cause discolouration or weakness. Aesthetically, base coats are also beneficial, as they create an even surface, which ensures the finished texture is smooth and faultless.  Primers often dry your nails out however it gives a better surface to bond, you avoid this with a base coat.

Top coats are necessary to complete the nail modelling process, and is not to be confused with clear nail polish or gel. Top coats hold hardening properties that help to seal the nail and protect it from scratches and chips. Available in a variety of finishes including shiny, matte and glitter, a top coat adds the perfect finishing touch to the decorated nail.

The dispersion layer is formed on the nail after each application of nail product, especially gel. The seemingly sticky texture of the nail can be easily eradicated by the use of a good nail cleaner. Our top of the range nail cleaner will leave your nails feeling smooth and strong.

**To ensure bondage between the layers remains intact, it is recommended that the nail cleaner is only applied once all coats/layers have been completed and cured under the UV lamp.

There are an array of nail issues that may affect the way you need to conduct the nail enhancing process. Whether you’re experiencing dry, thin, cracked, brittle or otherwise damaged nails, it is important to ensure you take good care of them. Although it may make the nail enhancing process a bit more complicated, there are solutions for health compromised nails, including:

  • Bond Aid – this is applied to the nail before the base coat to enhance the ability for the nail to bond with any product applied to it.
  • Nail tips – these are great for people who battle to grow their nails without breaking them. Nail tips lengthen the nail and will give you the feeling of strong, healthy nails.

Builder gel – this product helps to protect the nail and allow it to grow, without the pressure of factors that contribute to weak and health compromised nails.

Gel products are formulated to harden under certain types of light. Where acrylic is able to dry and harden on its own, gel substances need the assistance of light. This is where the UV-Lamp plays its part. The light emits UV waves onto the nail which cures and hardens the gel product, securing it to the nail. After just two minutes of placing your nails under the lamp, the gel-type liquid transforms into a solid product that provides stability to the nail.

Instead of having soaked off gel polish in acetone, buff your nails and leave a thin coat of the base / builder / Powder Gel on the nail and do all of the preparation work and filing, then go in with a new coat of base / Builder Gel / Powder Gel and Colour Gel.
Your nails will stay healthy and strong without the constant use of acetone.
By doing this, you can fill in your nails without damaging the natural nail. Please make sure to leave a thin layer otherwise too much filing can cause serious damage on the nail beds