Welcome to Beautify Me

Here's a little more about us

Beautify Me is a South African based online beauty store specialising in the distribution of professional nail and beauty merchandise. The store was opened with the purpose of supplying both industry professionals and consumers with premium products at hugely competitive prices. With so many substandard products circulating the current market and doing more damage than good, Jelena de Jongh, founder of Beautify Me, took it upon herself to source professional products with ingredients that are less harmful to the user and facilitate strong and healthy nails.

The Beautify Me products are intended to bring the international standard of nail products to South Africa, allowing women to go wild on pampering themselves with first-rate beauty products that aren’t damaging to the nails. The products extend from nail brushes, equipment and liquids, right through to nail tips, gel polishes and nail art – a comprehensive range to suit nail technicians and nail enthusiasts alike. At the end of the day, it is perks like these that make being a women so worthwhile, so make your way to our online store and browse your favourite nail products.